About The Talk Lab

I designed The Talk Lab for parents, like you, who know they need to talk about sexuality with their kids but don't know what to say or how to say it. 

The Lab prioritises your connection with your kid.

I hear parents say over and over again that the most important part of their parenting is their connection with their kid. Parents want to keep communication open, they want to support their young person as they grow up. 

Sometimes, it's hard though. Tweens and teens get awkward. They get embarrassed and upset when we try to give them information or help them with a difficult situation. 

The Talk Lab is here for you during times like those. I am here for you during times like those.

With a skill-building framework, The Talk Lab supports open communication and accurate age-appropriate information transfer between you and your kid. We teach you how to talk about sensitive topics so your kid learns to keep themselves happy and safe as they negotiate the wide wide world.

I'm an occupational therapist and a sexuality educator. I'm your secret support as you raise your tweens and teens to be awesome-kick-arse-future-adults who know how to respect themselves and care for others. 





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